Moving forward in time

Since 1936, Ceccato has represented a range of products that stands out for its great simplicity and reliability, designed for a wide variety of applications. Ceccato electric stationary compressors have been distributed almost everywhere in the world without any restrictions regarding locations or environmental conditions.

Currently, it is one of the main leaders in the Italian sector of compressed air equipment. Ceccato occupies an important position in the European market and is acquiring a growing presence over other continents.

In addition to compressors, the range also includes a wide variety of dryers and accessories in general, making Ceccato a brand with an excellent business opportunity for distributors around the world.

Ceccato’ s goal is to design and manufacture compressors according to the real needs of the market, to become the perfect partner for any company that seeks to establish solid long-term relationships.

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  • Stationary screw compressors
  • Air dryers
  • Chicago Pneumatic

    Decades of innovation

    John W. Duntley had in mind the idea of buying and selling construction tools "that were not yet available." In 1894, he founded the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, with an office in Chicago. The first plant to start manufacturing products specifically for CP was the Boyer Machine Shop in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1901, Duntley met steel magnate Charles M. Schwab, who invested heavily in the company. On December 28, the company was incorporated, and the first single-valve pneumatic hammer was patented.

    1904 was the year of CP expansion. Offices were opened in England, Canada and Germany, and new product lines were designed, such as pneumatic tools and hammers. In 1912, CP began manufacturing a 2-cycle horizontal semi-diesel engine to power its compressors. A year later, CP completed the Simplate valve; valve gear was removed, resulting in greater controllability at high speeds and more capacity.

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  • Stationary screw compressors
  • Refrigeration dryers
  • Filters
  • Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco

    Reliable and proven vacuum technologies for various applications.
    The new reference in vacuum pump technology
    The use of low vacuum has always led to high oil carryover, a high noise level and considerable energy costs. But why continue clinging to the traditional when it is not necessary to risk? Atlas Copco has broken the mold with the clean, quiet and efficient GHS VSD + vacuum pump. Now you can supply compressed or vacuum air for any need from a single device.
    The same quality and reliability, the same low life cycle costs, an intuitive interface and all the ease of maintenance that you would expect from your Atlas Copco compressor are now also available for your vacuum pump.

    Vacuum, the invisible force, is indispensable in industrial production facilities around the world. When an industrial application requires a clean environment or pressure lower than atmospheric levels, a constant supply of vacuum is required.

    Our vacuum products are the starting point to provide a total vacuum solution for specialized point-of-use machines and central vacuum systems. At Atlas Copco, our business is driven by a desire to make processes work more effectively by understanding the needs of the industries we serve.

    Our specialists in the field constantly improve the performance of new products, focusing on new application areas and facing straight lines. Our range of products and application expertise translates into a vacuum solution that's right for your application, configured for your specific needs, and giving you predictable performance, you can trust.

    Efficient vacuum solutions for your industrial application.

    Utility vacuum is used in various industries and applications, such as food packaging, electronics, glass bottle and can production, paper printing, toothpaste degassing, auto parts handling, transportation of pharmaceuticals, plastic extrusion. , carpentry, brick and clay manufacturing, as well as practically all industries in general.

    As a leading innovative company in the industrial vacuum market, we have continuously focused on energy efficiency, which translates into opportunities for our customers. We can provide the right vacuum solution for any application.

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  • Oil sealed vacuum pumps.
  • Oil sealed vacuum pumps. Includes smart, ready-to-run VSD pumps.
  • Oil sealed rotary piston pumps.
  • Small vacuum systems with oil sealed vane pumps
  • Friulair

    Path to development

    Path to development FRIULAIR S.r.l. It was established in 1989 and in just over 10 years it became a leading international company in the production of dryers, filters, after coolers and accessories for compressed air treatment.
    Quality, versatility, respect for the environment and reliability are the characteristics of all our products. The wealth of experience found in the company's departments and the strict intermediate / final inspections carried out with the most advanced equipment are the distinctive features of the company. FRIULAIR designs, develops and sells a wide range of products for compressed air treatment and industrial refrigeration with professionalism and commitment.

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  • Dryers
  • Adsorption dryers
  • Filters
  • Chillers for water treatment.
  • Prevost


    French company leader in safety quick couplings, PREVOST has become the reference partner of industries that use pneumatic and hydraulic energy. Our 40 years of experience allow us to offer adapted and effective products and services. Technical specialization and innovation.

    Recognized as a company specialized in compressed air for 40 years, PREVOST seeks ways to continuously improve through innovation.

    Created in 1978 in the French town of Annecy-le-Vieux, PREVOST is currently an internationally expanding company, with numerous clients in Europe, the USA, and more than 80 countries.

    With more than 7,000 product references, the company has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and China. We have spent 40 years pending the requirements of our clients to respond to their needs.

    Innovation and quality have always been two essential pillars for the development of the company, thanks to which PREVOST currently markets numerous increasingly efficient patented products that comply with all current laws.

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  • Connections, Distribution and Compressed air treatment.
  • aircom


    AIRCOM was founded in 1996 and specializes in compressed air distribution and control equipment. Fittings, pipes, valves and fittings are expressly designed and manufactured to provide superior performance and increased levels of safety.

    Solutions and applications for systems of all types and sizes, from small workshops to large manufacturing complexes, developed to guarantee durability, efficiency and energy savings.

    The wide range of AIRCOM products can meet any need for the transport of compressed air and industrial fluids, distribution of cooling water, vacuum, gases.

    AIRCOM's team of qualified technicians covers the entire development of production, from design to mold manufacturing and final production.

    Constant investment in state-of-the-art production lines has allowed us to achieve high quality and application standards while maintaining the highest degree of safety.

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  • Aluminum tubes
  • Micro Automación

    Our profile

    More than five decades of research and permanent development, growing with our clients and always maintaining excellence as a goal, make us an industrial and service organization with a high and innovative response capacity. Today, with recognized leadership and an outstanding international presence, the objective of integration with our clients in search of better solutions remains intact, with the contribution of technology and productive capacity.

    MICRO produces systems, components and solutions for the automation of industrial processes. It operates in the field of mechatronics, integrated mechanics, electronics and computers: in manufacturing of goods, automation of lines, updating of facilities, replacement of tooling and training of technical personnel.

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  • Air treatment
  • Tatsa

    Forging a path

    Tanques y Equipos para Gas S.A. de C.V.

    For more than 25 years, Tanques y Equipos para Gas S.A. de C.V. It has remained the leading company at the national level in offering integral solutions in stationary tanks, water tanks, heaters, hydro-pneumatic and a whole range of products for gas and water.

    We are exclusive distributors of TATSA, in addition to the leading brands in the market such as Calorex, Rotoplas, Cinsa, Hesa, CMS, Pedrollo, Durman and Elga. Being the only ones in stock on a constant basis for immediate delivery, in addition to offering the full support of our experience to advise you on the best solution according to your needs for home, commerce and industry.

    For all this and much more, in Tanks and Equipment for Gas we not only offer the highest quality products, but also excellence in service, a national presence with more than 26 branches and the most competitive prices on the market.

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  • 300-5000LTS tanks
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